Infertility : A biggest women’s problem


To begin with Infertility : A biggest women’s problem after marriage in india. Why does female infertility occurs ? This question becomes more important when it comes to understand why some couple not able to get a baby even after a long time active sexual life. It is the ecstasy for a girl when she gives first birth to a baby in her life. Infertility occurs when a female doesn’t get pregnancy even after a 1.5 years of married life and constantly active sexual life for 6 months without using any contraceptive methods. Here we will be discussing about the female infertility, its causes and treatment. We will try to find out why Infertility : A biggest women’s problem has become world’s biggest problem for women.

What is infertility ?

Infertility means when a woman not able to achieve pregnancy even after a long time of active sexual life. Approximately after 1.5 years of marriage and constantly taking part in active sexual life for more than 6 months.

Infertility biggest women's problem

Who is responsible,Man or Woman ?

It would be meaningless if any body claims that either a man or a woman is responsible for infertility. No, infertility occurs in both man and woman. In many countries mostly in india it is believed that there is only a woman who always becomes the cause of infertility, but it is completely a myth. Approximately in 30-40% cases there is  problem in the male but 40-55% cases are found with female infertility. In 10% cases both the wife and husband are responsible. So both are equally responsible for infertility.

Types of infertility

There are two types of infertility which has been explained as follows:

  • 1. Primary infertility – in which a woman doesn’t get pregnant in whole life.
  • 2. Secondary infertility – in which a woman desires for second baby but unable to achieve pregnancy second time.


I don’t want to write it simply as bookish language, rather i want to share the way in which it develops. To understand the main causes of infertility we need to understand first the reproductive system of a woman.

There are 5 main parts in female reproductive system that play important role in reproductive health of a woman. They are :

Vaginal causes

Vagina – It has mucous ( sticky liquid ) that maintains the pH level of vagina. If this mucous gets any infection due to bacteria ( Helicobacter Bacilli ) it will result in bad odour and color changes in its appearance. So at high pH the sperms can’t survive and as a result fertilization will not occur ( the meeting of sperms and ovum )

Cervical causes

Cervix – It is the path where the penis enters into the vagina

A. Pin hole cervix – in this type of cervix the entry hole is very small. In addition to this it doesn’t open properly. Hence the sperms don’t go forward and reach to fallopian tube to fertilize an egg (ovum).

B. Cervical erosion – The cervix gets some blisters like structures over its surface due to infected vaginal discharge. On the contrary the sperms get difficulty in traveling to reach to the eggs.

Uterine causes

Uterus – It is the platform where the baby implant.

A. Endometriosis

As you know the uterus has 3 linings named as Endometrium, Myometrium and Serosa. Endometrium is inner layer of uterus where myometrium is middle and the serosa is the outer lining of the  uterus. These 3 linings make a bed together for baby about 10mm thick. These linings has a pattern and start to form from the first 14 days.

Now the problem is with disturbance in formation of these linings. All the linings fade away when suddenly menstrual cycle ( ovulation ) occurs. And this is the main cause of disturbance in pattern of linings.Therefore sometimes linings grow upto the fallopian tube and create blockage for sperms to reach the ovum. Sometimes linings grown down to vagina and similarly the sperms can’t go upto the ovum. This is called endometriosis which is very painful and inflamed condition. That’s why i said Infertility : A biggest women’s problem. Furthermore pregnancy doesn’t occur. So it becomes easier to understand why the Infertility : A biggest women’s problem.

B. Thickness

Sometimes the problem is with the thickness of the endometrial linings that should be equal to 10mm. If there is any change in this thickness the baby won’t settle. So abortion will occur.

C. Fibroids

These are non – cancerous benign tumors in uterus. These tumors are so far undefined but mostly they are found in the uterus when there is higher level of estrogen hormone is found in a woman. If there is large fibroid in the uterus, the size of the uterus will be a beak size. In case of a small fibroid, it won’t allow baby to implant. Therefore abortion will occur.

D. Uterus abnormality

Generally the uterus is bicornuate ( has two equal parts ), but in some women it is found to be unicornuate uterus ( only one part ). This also stimulates infertility.

Ovarian causes

Ovary – Ovary is the main part of the female reproductive system. It releases the eggs. There are some problems associated with the ovary that may lead to Infertility.

Infertility biggest women's problem

A. PCOS / PCOD (Polycystic ovarian syndrome / disease)

First of all i would like to clear it out that there is no any cyst in the ovary in this case. Actually they are not cysts they are sacs ( bags ) which contain eggs. These eggs are generally immature & lead to early ovulation. So immature egg can’t be fertilized. Furthermore pregnancy doesn’t conceive.
In PCOS / PCOD ovary doesn’t produce eggs this condition is called as premature ovarian failure. It is because  levels of male hormones is higher than normal amounts in female. This imbalance leads to skip menstrual periods, as a result she doesn’t get pregnancy

B. Hormonal imbalance

It is also a very important factor for infertility. For a healthy ovulation it is very important to be balance of hormonal level. Main hormones are 

1. Thyroid It should not be higher than 2.5 and should not be more than 3.0 when you are pregnant.

2. AMH ( anti mullerian hormone) – It is a hormone secreted by the ovary that is responsible for maturation of follicles. It is used for eggs count in a female ovary. Normal level is 1-2 ng/ml. This shows fertile capacity but should not exceed 3 ng/ml and should not be less than 1 ng/ml. If AMH is not in normal level, a female cannot get pregnant. However medicines are available in the market to decrease the level of AMH.

3. Prolactin – It is a hormone that is responsible for production of milk and breast feeding in females after child birth. A higher level of prolactin causes excess milk production from the breast, enlarged breast, tenderness etc. The normal range of prolactin in females is less than 25 ng/ml ( non pregnant ) and 80 – 400 ng/ml ( pregnant). Medication are also available in the market to decrease the level of prolactin.

Other reasons – weight – It should be between BMI range 18.5- 24.9 ( healthy) it should not be less than 18.5 and not higher than 25.

Fallopian tube causes

Fallopian tube – Blockage of fallopian tube can be occured in the following manners :

A. Endometriosis

B. Infected vaginal discharge

C. Infection in fimbriae – Fimbriae is the part of female reproductive system that catchs up the ovum during it’s maturation. But sometimes when there is an infection in fimbriae. It become disable & doesn’t catch up the ovum. Further pregnancy is not achieved.

Blocked fallopian tube

Main reason for infertility in female is the blockage of fallopian tube. The fallopian tube undergoes blockage due to the following reasons:

  • Leuchorrhea – infected veginal discharge that traves upto fallopian tube ( thickness less than 1mm ) and infection increases. Hence fallopian tube gets block.
  • Infection in fallopian tube – hydrosulpinx becomes filled with watery fluid and it is hard to catch up the ovum from the ovary. 
  • STD ( sexual transmitted diseases) – if any STD occurs the chances of blockage of fallopian tube are more.
  • Abdominal surgery – if any women who is undergoing for abdominal surgery. She might get blocked fallopian after surgery due to any push pull force on fallopian tube.
  • Endometriosis – linings of uterus reache upto fallopian tube that causes blockage of fallopian tube.
  • Unknown reasons – congenital.

Important note

Note- If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 month and don’t get pregnancy. Don’t change your doctor. Kindly visit /consult a specialist Gynaecologist and make done whole abdomen sonography , blood test ( both wife & husband) for HB (hemoglobin), diabetes, thyroid and hormonal test for AMH and prolactin. This criteria will detect the main cause of infertility in wife and husband. If you have already undergone pregnancy medication and all tests that have been mentioned above for 3 moths. You must go with HSG test (Hysterosalpingography) that will detect weather the fallopian tube is blocked or not. It also explains problems in the uterus.

Test to detect blockage of fallopian tube

HSG ( hysterosulpingography ) – Your doctor will insert a catheter in to the cervix and it will release a dye . If the dye reaches upto the end of the fallopian tube without any restriction and appears in the abdomen. It shows your fallopian tube is patent and you can conceive. Otherwise your tube is block. Hence, Infertility : A biggest women’s problem.

Treatment of female infertility

If there is any infection associated with any part of the reproductive system, the doctor will treat the infection first using Anti-bacterial, antiviral, analgesics etc. Then he will go with the surgery or other treatments.

Infertility biggest women's problem
A baby from IVF is exactly similar to natural birth

Ayurvedic treatment

If there is any partner infection, both husband and wife will have to undergo for testing and treatment. If you have tired of / visiting doctors taking medications than do this. This is the powerful and 100% genuine and working treatment. Every night when you go to bed for sleeping just put some drops of castor oil in your umbilicus ( belly button ).
for 4-5 months you will shocked to see that it will magically open your blocked tube. And you can conceive easily.

Homeopathy treatment

  • Agnus castus 30 – take in 30 potency in morning and evening ( Increases the chances of getting pregnant )
  • Borax 30 – morning and evening .
  • Natmur 30 – morning and evening .
  • Sepia 30 – morning and evening.

Allopathic treatment

  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Medication for infection in fallopian tube
  • IVF in vitro fertilization
  • ART ( Assisted Reproductive Technology )
  • IUI ( Intrauterine Insemination )
  • Laprohysteroscopy for safe and Secure treatment
  • IMSI
  • ICSI


Infertility : A biggest women’s problem in the whole world and it is very very painful not physically but mentally. So without any hesitation and without any delay you should consult to a specialist doctor rather than to general physicians. The more quickly you take action, soon your problem will be solved. May god bless you, you will get well soon.

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Infertility biggest women's problem

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