Masturbation : Common Misconceptions And Facts


Talking about sex and related issues in today’s time has become vile ( unpleasant ) and negligible. And this is happening because of lack of education. Uneducated people find these things bad to talk but they don’t understand that hiding from such topics may be proved very dangerous to their generations. Traditional and orthodox mindset leave people away from sensitive topics such as sex education, masturbation and it’s related issues. So here we will be discussing about one of the topic that is mostly raised by the teenagers and they found it peak period of their life.

What is masturbation ?

On hearing some myths and facts about masturbation, I had decided to write on this topic and thought somethings should be cleared in the mind that misguide our young population specially teenagers. This topic was demanded by huge youngsters so I decided to write over this. For males Masturbation is the intercourse ( without the partner ) that is done with the hands. In other words masturbation is the ejaculation of semen ( male discharge ) from the penis by rubbing it. For females Masturbation is the ejaculation of thick whitish fluid from the vagina by pushing the finger inside out into the vagina. In the masturbation for both males and females don’t need a physical partner to do it. Masturbation is the normal activity mostly done by unmarried individuals to make them sexually satisfied.


Legendary believes

According to our ancestors and some books it is believed that a male should secure his semen in order to maintain his manhood. He should not ejaculate the semen, should protect it, shouldn’t do masturbation and should follow celibacy ( being unmarried lifetime ). But all these statements are completely wrong as per medical sciences.

What modern medical science believes

According to medical sciences when an individual crosses the age 12-14 years the reproductive organs have developed at this time. Now his sex characters develop and he wants to talk to a girl, meeting with a girl, sexual thought comes to his mind, sudden increase level of energy level can be seen. This changes are equal true for both a boy and a girl. They desire to contact physical attraction as their hormonal level changes drastically. Attraction in this age will lead this boy to a prostitute and there he can fulfill his desire but he can also get some very dangerous sexual diseases ( sexually transmitted disease ) such as HIV AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea etc. from that girl.

Instead of getting into the unbearable and untreatable diseases it is far more better to be satisfied with self stimulation by doing masturbation. So masturbation is the frictional rubbing of penis in which a boy get excitement and ejaculate semen. After ejaculation he feels relaxed and better which is fairly better than going to a girl and get the disease.

In response to ancestral myths the medical sciences reveals the facts that there is no use of storing of semen ( sperms ) in the body because there is no more space to store the sperms in the body. The sperms are stored in the epididymis which is next to seminiferous tubules in the male reproductive organ testes. Freshly prepared sperms can only be stored for 2-3 days only if they are not in use they are thrown from the epididymis to seminal vesicles and get discharged by penis at night automatically ( night fall ).

OCD Masturbation

Kindly note that if masturbation has become compulsion due to sensual thinking and has no excitement while doing it. Then it is OCD masturbation that needs to be treated by a psychiatrist and sexologist. If a person is getting excitement while doing masturbation and enjoying it then it is normal. Second thing if a guy is doing masturbation even having a wife and doesn’t do intercourse with the wife but does masturbation, it is really problematic condition.

Myths about masturbation

I would like to tell you about this through a case that came to me. I was sitting in my practice room and suddenly a boy (21 years) came to me. He was nervous and trembling with fear. He was looking as he was frightened. The fear could be seen on his face. I enquired him and he replied sir i have come here 2-3 times but couldn’t explained my problem because of feeling ashamed. I didn’t have dare to talk to you. After a long efforts he disclosed that he got habituated of masturbation and his health is getting down.

I pacified him and made him trust that there is no matter of fear. We will solve your problem. On further enquiries he told that he has been doing masturbation for 6 years and ejaculating his semen everyday. Day by day his health is going down and he is losing weight. He becomes nervous and living with depression. Saying all these he started crying and feeling ashamed. First I consoled him and made him comfortable. I measured BP and check pulse rate. I told him first of all set this in your mind that masturbation is not a disease. People take it wrong way and don’t even like to talk about it. That’s why they have sowed some myths in their mind.

masturbating girl

I clarified him that whatever is going on in the mind is the because of hormonal changes. Growth of hair such as beard and moustache, in genital areas, loudness of voice, tension in penis, sexual thoughts etc are the normal while hormonal changes. He understood everything and thanked me.

Myths shared by the patient

The biggest myth about masturbation that I want to share with all of you is one drop of your sperm is made up of 100 drops of your blood. Its completely fake statement about sperms. I don’t know who has given this statement and why such myths are being followed by people on a wide range. First of all there is no relation between sperm and blood. The formation of blood is totally different from sperm. The boy told me that he had read such myths in a book and it was related to ayurved. Actually you know what happens. Look, when someone read these fake statements he prejudices that now he would have to undergo pathological conditions like impotency, dull health, puffy cheeks, dull appearance, indigestion, sunk eyes etc. But all these symptoms occurs when you really take it on your mind and same your mind develops.


Things to remember

So whenever a boy masturbate he thinks that he has lost much amount of sperm and nothing is left inside him. And now he will become sad and does overthinking about this. Then he asks to his friends and reads some books and finds that masturbation is very bad. This time brain plays an important role. Sub-conscious mind always keeps an eye on what a person thinks. And whatever a person thinks sub-conscious mind makes it possible. So gradually whatever he has read mind starts showing symptoms in the body. This is how the system work for thinking. As a result person loses his appetite and he faces weight loss. Some teenagers have committed suicide due to this overthinking.

So what difference is left between masturbation and real intercourse. In both the situation a person ejaculate semen. Always remember masturbation do both boys and girl. A girl stimulate herself by tingling of hymen and clitoris in the vagina and ejaculate their discharge. So it is normal, it is not a disease. But it becomes a bad habit when if a girl or a boy does masturbation even having a wife or husband with him / her.

Why masturbation is not bad ?

Masturbation is a general process but in our holy books it is written that it is bad. These vedas or holy books states that we should keep our semen with us forever and should not waste ( ejaculate ) and should not get marry. When I listen all these I smile and make others aware about facts. You know the semen is not a thing to keep in the body and we don’t get energy from it. The semen is for use purpose because we use it only for 2-3 times for actual purpose throughout the life. So it is a waste product and should be ejaculated timely from the body. You will shock to know when we do examination of semen it contains around 500-600 millions of sperm in 1 ml of semen.

Now you know only one sperm is enough to make a lady pregnant. So can you think how many babies can be formed in 600 millions of sperms. Only one sperm makes a girl pregnant and rest of the sperms go in vain. So it is totally a myth to store the sperms in the body and person who has lot of sperm will have the high energy than to other who haven’t. So it is scientifically a very biggest myth about sperm and masturbation.

When do you need to consult a doctor ?

Kindly note that If you can’t enjoy your life, if you don’t satisfaction without doing masturbation, if you are unable to do work without masturbation, if you feel sad without it and if masturbation has become obsession and compulsion for you to run your life. Now it needs attention and should go for treatment in which a doctor consultants you and give you some therapies and medications.

Lot of people ask me it is bad habit and despite that being a doctor why you are in favour of masturbation ? I always tell them to show me where it is written in medical sciences that it is bad. They don’t have answer in response to this. People start follow what others follow. All these are misconceptions.

Memory loss and weight loss due to masturbation

I have already told you masturbation is the normal act done by any individual before or after marriage. Recently I got a call from a guy complaining about memory loss and weight loss. I asked for any history of any disease, he told he has no any history. But he clarified that all this is because of masturbation as he does masturbation a lot.

He had done all testing but nothing was found. He was suggested to consult a psychiatrist. When I further tried to know how did he know all this about masturbation. He told he had read it newspapers, magazines etc. He also told he had contacted some holy person ( saints ) and they told that he would die soon if it continues.

weight loss due to masturbation

Lastly I made him understand look, whatever you have listened has no scientific proof. Now answering to your weight loss and memory loss it is because of you are thinking too much 24/7 about it and has granted the misconceptions that you have done a dangerous act for which you have to pay. Always keep in mind sexual intercourse with partner, masturbation and night fall all are same because ejaculation of semen takes place in all these.

So what actually makes you weight loss ?

When you think too much about anything then no new thought comes to your mind and it seems that you have forgotten everything and prejudice memory loss. Second thing your digestive health is directly interconnected with mental health. So overthinking and depression affects your digestive system that may lead to anorexia ( loss of appetite ) and indigestion. Hence you loss your weight.

Some companies take benefits in light of masturbation for their products. They sell their products like oils, gels, creams, lotions and pills to increase penis size and slant penis etc. They claims that masturbation is a dirty act and you can regain your lost power and energy that you have lost in doing masturbation. Our teenagers also become very enthusiastic when they hear about these products on various sites and social media.

Does it decrease the size of penis ?

Actually there are many misconceptions about this topic. Does masturbation decrease penis size ? The simplest answer is No. Will your penis size decrease if you sex with your partner ? You know the size of the penis doesn’t matter for a girl. It is enough to make her pregnant if your penis is 1 inch long only. But if your penis is less than 1 inch long ( 3cm ) then it needs to be treated. You know a female vagina can feel sensation only within one inch of depths of vagina ( clitoris ). No matter how long the penis is. If you ask a woman during intercourse how deep penis sensation she is feeling, she would say upto 1 inch depth. So it is meaningless to say that penis size matter for a girl. It is just only a misconception that you get from porn sites, magazines and books.

But if a person is not satisfy with his penis size and demands for treatment. There is only one option which surgery that I won’t recommend because I know there is no problem at all. In the surgery indian penile implant or foreign penile implant will be inserted into the penis through surgery. It will cost you 2-3 lakh rupees ( $ 4000 ) and will not have any guarantee whether it will work for you or not.

When it is good and when it is not good for you ?

Masturbation is a normal process if any individual masturbates in limit but it will become abnormal if an individual does it unlimited times ( multiple times a day ) and that to without getting any excitement. If someone has to do in compulsion and don’t get a sigh of relief untill it is done. Then it is considered as OCD disorder. So always remember it will be good if it is done in limit as you don’t have to go to a girl where you may have got some sereous sexually transmitted diseases. But it will become worst for you if it is being done many times a day with no excitement and has to do in compulsion.

sperm fight for reaching to egg

Masturbation is self-stimulating your genitals in a sexual way to the point of reaching an orgasm. Suppose if your wife is sick or she has gone to her parents house for some time. Now if you desire to have sex so what you will do ? Either you will make an extra marital affairs with someone other or you will go to a red light to satisfy you. You can think that how sereous diseases you may get from them and spoil your life.

For your better understanding

One more example for you. Tell me how many times you spit in a day, does the amount of spit decrease in the mouth ? Answer is NO. Because saliva or spit is continuously produce in the oral cavity. So no matter how much you spit. The more you spit the more spit will be produced again. It is same for semen.

If you do masturbation and if your masturbation is in the category of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Masturbation, then you should be sereous for it. You will be given treatment on the basis of OCD disorder.

Why do we feel weakness after masturbation ?

When someone do intercourse the brain releases some important chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine that make you feel happy and stress-free. But due to some other chemicals also get secreted along with these good chemicals and they cause knee pain, back pain, blurry eyesight, body pain and make you sleepy after sex or masturbation. You can easily conclude that after doing heavy exercise how do you feel ? Sex or masturbation is the also a physical exercise. So these symptoms and little weakness occurs after it. But all these symptoms are temporary they are not permanent. They wife out automatically after 2-3 days.

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