Treatment Of Dark Lips & How To Use A Lipstick ?


Before begin with how to keep lipstick longer & treatment of dark lips, i want to write something about the lips. The lips are very delicate and soft part of our body. They are fragile than any other part. The lips should be well taken care in order to avoid any anomaly of mouth. The lipstick plays a very significant role in ladies make-up because it enhances a unique glow over their face. But the problem is that the lipstick gets fade after a short period of time and completely wipe out within few hours after it’s first application. The shade of lipstick should be similar to the skin in this condition, only then it will be suited on the lips. So here are some tips I am telling you to make your lipstick suited for your lips and will be last longer.

Exfoliate and hydrate your lips

Exfoliation means to remove the dead layer or skin from the lips. It is essential to exfoliate the lips before applying the lipstick. Then apply a lip balm over the lips. Now your lips will become soft and smooth and you know lipstick stays for long time on such lips.

makeup kit including liner,lip primer, lipstick,foundation, translucent powder

Applying a lip liner

A lip liner is a colour pencil that is applied on the outer linings of the lips to make a lipstick sticky to the lips and have a even shape. The lip liner stops the expansion of lipstick beyond the lip linings. So whenever you apply lipstick don’t forget to apply shade of same colour lip liner.

Lip primer

Lip primer is a base material for lips to make your lipstick to stay over the lips for longer time. It is just same as you apply a primer on your face before applying foundation. Lip primer also helps in maintaining the colour of your lips. It has some factors ( chemicals ) that helps to stay the lipstick to the lips.

Use tissue paper for drying

Using a tissue paper for drying the lips is a good method. First apply a thin layer of your lipstick and then dry your lips with the help a tissue paper for few seconds and then apply another layer again. It helps in absorption of excess oil and avoiding the stain of lipstick.

Use lip brush

A lip brush is a make-up equipment that is used to apply the lipstick with a little pressure. But remember the brush should not have much color. Always clean the lip brush once in a week.

use lip brush to apply lipstick to keep lipstick longer

Apply translucent powder

A transluent powder is the secret of a makeup artist. It is the powder that keeps your lipstick or foundation that you have applied and makes your lips or skin flawless and soft. As the name suggests it is translucent it means it can be used in any part skin, lips, toes, face etc. You can apply with the help of your fingers. It helps in setting of colour on the lips. By applying this powder your lipstick neither will get fade nor will expand. Apply one more coat after applying translucent powder.

Keep your lipstick in refrigerator

If you keep your lipstick in the refrigerator, the material of lipstick becomes more solidify. When you apply this it will stay for longer duration on your lips without putting any other efforts. So keep your lipstick in the fridge one day before you apply it. It is also a good method to make your lipstick stay on your lips for long time. Your lipstick won’t melt early than compare to when it is not kept in the refrigerator.

girl having dark lipstic applied

Choose wisely your lipstick

Whenever you go for buying a lipstick for you choose it wisely. You know a dark coloured lipstick looks better on plump lips. Your lips look more attractive. To show a highlight on the lips, apply a thin lip liner on the edges of the lips and then apply your lipstick.

Treatment of dark lips

Lips are most decorative organ on face of an individual specially for a girl. For the men sometimes it is okay with them but for a girl dark lips affect her beauty a lot. Dark lips make her embarasse. The skin of your lips is more delicate and sensitive than skin of your body. The lipstick doesn’t show it’s natural radiance if lips are dark. The treatment for the dark lips is given below :

How To Keep Lipstick Longer & Treatment Of Dark Lips

Natural treatment

Good thing comes to those who waits and continuously works. For treatment of dark lips kindly do this remedy for 15-20 days for better results.

Step -1

Take half cut lemon and dip it into the salt ( normal domestic salt ) and rub it gently over your lips for 5 minutes. Now clean the area with the help of a tissue paper. You know the lemon has lightening agent that brings glow to your skin. ( Caution – Do it in the morning only, if you want to do this at night take sugar instead of salt ).

Step -2

Now you have to cover your lips with a lip mask. Take honey and apply on your lips and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. The honey has lightening agent that helps in lightening of your lips and it works as a mosturizer also with antibacterial properties. Now wipe  out your lips.

Step -3

Now take some drops of almond oil and apply over the lips and gently massage your lips for 5-10 minutes. Almond oil is the best mosturizer and it will improve your lips early than to anything else. It will make your lips shiny, soft and smooth.

girl applying lip primer beofre application of lipstick to keep the lisptick for longer time

Allopathic treatment

There is a variety of allopathic medicine available in the market for treatment of dark lips in the form of creams, gels etc. I will be telling you some creams which are easily available in the market. These creams are known as Lip Lightening Creams by the companies which manufacture them.

  • Glutathione cream which is sold under the brand GLUTA-C and GLUTAMAX. Applying for 3-6 months on your lips, will lighten their colour.
  • Lip balm which is know as MAYBELLINE LIP BALM for dark lips contains sunscreen, mosturizer as well as natural colour.
  • LIP BLESS lip lightning cream all these creams are available at the chemist shop or online.

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